Jackson Hole Solar Eclipse Bracelet


The official Jackson Hole solar eclipse bracelet!

This bracelet is hand made at the base of the Tetons in the heart Jackson Hole.

Our little town was on the path of totality for the 2017 solar eclipse. Tens of thousands of people flocked to the valley to witness this spectacular event within the awe-inspiring landscape of Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole.

This stunning silver cuff symbolically represents the eclipse on three different levels:

  1. It begins in light, moves to complete dark, and back to light again.
  2. The black “path” around the bracelet represents the path of totality.
  3. The black centre represents our valley, which sits between the Gros Ventre and Teton mountain ranges.

Each bracelet was laid in the grass before the eclipse began and each was imbued with the  total eclipse energy. Afterwards,  a ceremony was performed with them to maintain their radiant energies!

These energetic powerhouses are a simple, sophisticated, timeless design that truly go with every look. I have been told by many that they don’t take it off; it has become a part of them. For me, that’s the greatest compliment I can receive.

Jackson Hole was one of the premier viewing spots for this once in a lifetime total solar eclipse event. Even if you couldn’t be here in person you can be here in spirit wearing your eclipse bracelet!